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WEB DESIGN AND BUILD : National Association for Patient Protection

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N.A.P.P believe that every person in the United Kingdom has the right to shape the future of their care. Established in 1978, our passionate, volunteer-led organisation is the go-to voice of patients in primary care. They facilitate and foster patient participation, ensuring the patients’ interests, perspectives and priorities are at the heart of local, regional and national decision making.

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The project involved a complete revamp of their existing website. The website had to be user-friendly and provide relevant content to patients and doctors alike. The top navigation was designed to allow easy access to the relevant sections of the website. An icon style was developed by to aid navigation in the new N.A.P.P colours from the website design.

To make it easy for the staff to maintain the website, a system for their news and events was developed. During the design process, the logo was discussed, but it was eventually decided to keep closer in format to the existing one. So, I redrew the logo to ensure it was clear and fit in with the new design.