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Why use a PowerPoint designer? PowerPoint is a popular tool for creating presentations. It is the benchmark for presentations and as such the most popular tool for creating them. Information can be presented using motion, customised tables and graphs. PowerPoint can be used as a design tool to extend a companies portfolio of sales media fitting in with your brand style when designed by a PowerPoint Designer. PowerPoint slides can be printed, or (more often) displayed on-screen and navigated through at the command of the presenter. Slides can also form the basis of webcasts.

Why use a Amanda Design a PowerPoint designer? What can make some PowerPoint presentation stand out for all the wrong reasons is a lack of design and overall style. When so many people present in PowerPoint, the kiss of death to a presentation can be an unprofessional style in a dull format. After several pages of bullet points the viewer can become board and beginning wondering what to have for lunch. This can give a negative impact to the presentation the opposite to what everyone wants to achieve. By using a properly designed template or presentation, Amanda design can work closely with you to prefect a harmonious on brand design with a professional look that keeps the view untested in what you have to say.

PowerPoint is an industry standard for presentations. Clients want and need presentations they can take and edit themselves, they need a flexible system that means they can work on the files for themselves.

For media that needs to be sent out, or wants to incorporate video or animation Amanda Design can design PowerPoint presentations that can be distributed online, or viewed from a computer during a presentation. This can also be extended to creating a companies credentials online.

Amanda Design can help as a freelance PowerPoint designer with all these requirements for freelance PowerPoint design, whether it is for a template file with various layouts for clients to populate, or in a more customised approach with design for the complete presentation with possible use of animations or videos.

Presentations in PowerPoint are essential for all businesses and Amanda Design is ready to help with your PowerPoint designs, working directly with you or on your behalf for one of your clients.


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PowerPoint design



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