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LITERATURE DESIGN: Time to touchtype manual


The ‘Time to Touch-Type’ course came about as a result of observing children learning to touch-type. All too frequently they became confused and frustrated, only to eventually give up and go back to their old ‘hunt and peck’ method. In fact, the problem lay not with the children, but with the programs being used and the unimaginative teaching methods.

In response, the client began developing a new program and adopted a different and novel approach to teaching. The results were immediate. Children were now learning to touch-type within a ten-hour course.


The design brief was to design a manual that would be a teaching aid to help children learn to touch-type. This accompanies the course and emphasises the simplicity and enjoyment of the program.

The illustrated hands on the keyboard show the position of where the finger has started and ends, with a dotted line around the key the finger has left. Aspects such as “time so far” and ‘keys learnt so far’ also help clarity. The project also involved a re-look at the clients logo to work with the manual’s design.

Brochure design by Amanda Design Freelance Designer
Brochure design by Amanda Design Freelance Designer
Brochure design by Amanda Design Freelance Designer
Brochure design by Amanda Design Freelance Designer
Logo design by Amanda Design Freelance Designer
design In detail

Keyboard style and clues

Clues are used throughout, brought out with orangle blocks. This makes it easy to flick through the manual for tips

The illustation of the hands was drawn so that they were semi-tranparent, so the key the finger had left to arrive at the correct destination could be seen, highlighted with a dotted keyline. Something a photograph could not achieve.

design In detail

Incorrect typing styles

Correct hand positions are in green, incorrect movements and tips on what can go wrong are in red sections.

The keyboard is clearly identified with a pull out cross, to show incorrect typing styles.

design In detail

Visual signposts

Throughout the manual there is a guide to what keys have been learnt at the top of each unit page.

On each lesson a guide to how long the lesson will take and time so far. This gives the teacher or parent a guide of progress and unit time.